Sunday, August 30, 2009

First 10 Days Report to BOD

The first 10 days have come and gone and as promised, the newly formed Lakeview Preschool Committee delivered the "First 10 days" report to the Board of Directors as requested and promised.

We received a very nice note back from Dr. Gardner (who is on vacation and still found time to review our email) complimenting us on our "great work".



Thursday, August 20, 2009

OC Register Article - Commitment and Twitter save preschool

Commitment and Twitter save preschool

Parents rally at HOA board meeting and convince board to let the Lakeview Learning Center live.
The Orange County Register

LAKE FOREST – The commitment and passion of parents and teachers of one of South County's oldest preschools convinced a local homeowners association board to let the school live.

On Wednesday night, the five-member Lake I Homeowners Association Board voted to allow the Lakeview Learning Center to stay open despite earlier plans to shutter the nationally accredited, private preschool.

"The preschool faces many challenges in the coming weeks and months, but the board was swayed by the outpouring of public support and the commitment of our homeowners to solving the problems confronting us," said Jim Gardner, board president. "People are our most important asset. Our members promised to work hard and help solve the many problems confronting us. We had to listen to them and give them the chance."

The parents agreed to form a parent committee to develop a long-term plan that protects the viability of the preschool. The committee will coordinate fundraising activities to eliminate the financial impact of the school on the association in 2009 and 2010. They will support the LFCA staff in their efforts to manage the preschool and they will submit a long-term business plan for review and approval by the board in their January 2010 meeting.

"It was amazing," said Pete Deutschman, a parent who launched a massive online Twitter and blog campaign last week. "It was like a scene out of a movie. It was standing room only. I was really proud of the parents. Everyone took the high road and spoke from the heart. Everyone from the board listened and realized how important the preschool is to the community."

Deutschman first learned of the school's planned closure last week when his daughter, Chloe, 3, brought home a letter saying the school would be close on Aug. 28.

Within 24 hours Deutschman launched an online campaign spreading the word to other educators, community members and South County residents. The parents also held a rally Tuesday night raising awareness along Ridge Route and Muirlands Boulevard.

The board notified the preschool director of the closure on Aug. 7 but parents only received letters with refunds last week. The association sent a second letter to parents and school staff on Monday citing reasons for the closure. They included lack of use, financial loss, a building that needs repair and insurance risk, which threatens the renewal of the HOA's entire policy.

"I actually thanked the board for closing the preschool," said Deutschman. "They have put a spotlight on this little gem. The teachers have never felt so appreciated."

The preschool, which also draws children from neighboring cities, is open to potty-trained children aged 3 -5. Information: 949-837-6100, ext. 134.

Contact the writer: 949-454-7307 or

A BIG Thanks from Cindy Cienfuegos - Lakeview Learning Center Director!

Words alone cannot possibly express our appreciation for all that you, the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children and community have done for our preschool. Last evening we were overwhelmed by emotion as we watched a community pull together. The only thing I can do is thank each and every one of you who worked tirelessly to organize this effort. You are awesome!

Thank you to Cynthia and the board of directors for listening to the parent concerns, keeping an open mind, and making the decision to give the preschool another chance. We will work hard together with the parent committee to prove the preschool is a viable operation. The Lakeview Learning Center staff.

Cindy Cienfuegos


22921 Ridge Route Drive

Lake Forest, CA 92630

949-837-6100 x 134

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Allow me to start with how my night ended. One cannot express how it feels to walk into your daughter's room as she is being tucked into bed and tell her, with 100% confidence, that her pre-school is NOT closing.

"Daddy, I saved the pre-school?" she said. "Yes, saved the pre-school."

But I don't think it is fair to let Chloe take all the credit. Tonight's decision to rescind the Board's previous decision to close the pre-school was a group effort.

Thank you to the Board who dutifully listened to the association members passionately speak from the heart about what the pre-school means to the community as an asset and as an educational institution and for courageously making the motion required to keep the pre-school open. I hope the standing ovation of nearly 100 demonstrated the appreciation.

Thank you to the parents, family, friends and association members who spent the last week writing letters, tweeting, clarifying points about not needing city permits to run the pre-school, commenting on blogs, speaking with neighbors and gathering hundreds of names on petitions showing support for the pre-school as a viable and important amenity to our community.

Thank you to the OC Register (see today's story and photos about the rally), OC Metro, Twitter friends @OCParent, HeatherCinOC, @OCWeekly, @OCRegie, @Lagunaini, @TitanIceHocky, @Rebecca_Rose and more who re-tweeted our posts. Your coverage brought local and national awareness to our pre-school and we thank you.

And of course to the teachers of Lakeview Learning Center. While you were not permitted into the board meeting (because of the association members only rule) your waiting in the Clubhouse lobby in support of the kids and families you service is a testament to the commitment you have to the long-term success of this pre-school. Nothing was more rewarding then seeing you all celebrate the decision to keep the pre-school open! (except for my daughter's reaction of course).

Also, as the minutes will show, the Board approved a motion to appoint a parent committee. This committee will work in the immediate and near term to confirm and present a longer term plan to the Board. A plan that should focus on self-sufficiency if not profitability. As an Association member I can say it will be nice to boast having a revenue generating amenity cloaked as a Nationally accredited pre-school.

Now to the issue of registration.


please, please, please REGISTER for FALL AND STAY FOR WINTER TERMS.





We did it!

Way to go!


OC Register Article - Rally for preschool

Lake Forest parents, teachers, lobby to keep school open

The Lakeview Learning Center was told to close its doors.

The Orange County Register
Comments 9 | Recommend 6

Read the article online HERE

LAKE FOREST – Parents, teachers and students from one of the city's oldest preschools rallied passersby's and motorists on Tuesday night for support to keep the school open.

About 100 held signs and solicited honks along Ridge Route in front of Lake 1's homeowner association's Beach & Tennis Club.

The Lakeview Learning Center – in the Lake 1 community for 30 years – last week was told to close its doors by the community's homeowner association. The association sent a second letter to parents and school staff on Monday citing reasons for the closure. They include lack of use, financial loss, a building that needs repair and insurance risk, which threatens the renewal of the HOA's entire policy.

Parents and teachers say they were informed of the closure just about two weeks before school starts. Last week they went online to Twitter and blogging for help.

Tonight at the board meeting, parents will make their last ditch attempt to save the school.

"A lot of what they say in the letter is not true," said Cindy Cienfuegos, the preschool's director. "It has made money in some years. They never gave parents a chance to help out. Yes, the building is in need of repair but the parents would have helped with this."

Since being informed of the school's closure last week, Pete Deutschman, whose three-year-old daughter, Chloe, attends the school launched an online campaign. He also tweeted during Tuesday night's rally.

"If we didn't have these tools, we'd just be passing out fliers," he said. "We've had a tremendous outpouring of support. We've been able to provide a platform for everyone to speak out."

Deutschman is hopeful about the Wednesday board meeting.

"All we need is one person to reconsider" he said. "The parents will do whatever it takes."

Since this onslaught of support, the president of the board, Jim Gardner offered some of his personal advice.

"I would form my own corporation (non-profit or profit). I would hire my own staff (and this could be the existing staff) and secure my own insurance," he said. "I would secure the necessary permits and licenses. Then I would come to the board and offer to rent the space at a reasonable price. Such a proposal would meet, as far as I can tell, all the concerns outlined in the board statement."

Gardner added that while e-mails, blogs, and demonstrations might draw attention these things will not solve the problems.

"I hope tonight that we get people with sound ideas, rather than people who simply make sounds," he said.

For more information regarding this visit Twitter: @savemypreschool.

Contact the writer: 949-454-7307 or

Read ALL the letters from the community!

Attention Board:
We have come to realize that you have not been sent ALL of the letters received by Cynthia Valdes over the past week. Please read them here and fully understand the implications of the vote to close this nationally accredited preschool on the community.

Great News! Our Board President WILL be at the 6:30pm Board Meeting Tonight!

At some expense and inconvenince I delayed my date of departure so that I could be at the meeting. With people so emotionally involved in this matter, it seemed disrespectful for me to have participated in the decision and then not been there for the meeting.

I'm open to hearing any plan that deals with the issues adequately.

(e-mail from Jim Gardner to Pete Deutschman Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:43 AM)

Letter From L.F.C.A. Members - David & Mariana Cashion

Good Morning! To say I am shocked to hear about the pre-school closing is an understatement.
My wife and I recently closed escrow on our new home here in the community (June 09). We have been looking into this community and watching the housing market closely for that past 5 years. Nine months ago we were blessed with a new baby daughter, and realized we should start planting some roots in a community. Part of planning those roots was to purchase a new house and make an investment in a community my daughter could be raised in.
We looked into this community because of some of the amenities it offered. One of the major factors in us choosing to purchase in this community was with the plan that my daughter could go to pre-school right across the street from our house in a gated NAEYC accredited preschool.
I should mention that the entire time during our long escrow I brought myself up to speed with everything that was taking place in the community. However this is the first time I have heard anything regarding the preschool.
As this unfolds, I'm second guessing my decision to plant my roots here in this community. I'm appalled to learn how this board operates and conducts itself. With the information that has surfaced it looks like this board is more concerned with questionable politics, adult leisure and shady money management. Rather than what is in the best interest of the families and children in this community.......
Maybe the board should look up community in the dictionary:
1.a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.
2.a locality inhabited by such a group.
3.a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists (usually prec. bythe): the business community; the community of scholars.
4.a group of associated nations sharing common interests or a common heritage: the community of Western Europe.
5.Ecclesiastical. a group of men or women leading a common life according to a rule.
6.Ecology. an assemblage of interacting populations occupying a given area.
7.joint possession, enjoyment, liability, etc.: community of property.
8.similar character; agreement; identity: community of interests.
9.the community, the public; society: the needs of the community.
LFCA Member
David & Mariana Cashion

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Letter From L.F.C.A. Member and FORMER BOARD MEMBER - Karen Grimmett

Dear Cynthia,
It has been many years since I served on the Board of Directors. But it is comforting to know that things haven't changed much. Have the rules governing HOA's changed so much that the board can make such a unilateral decision without apprising the membership? I'm guessing by reading thru the lines, that there is more to this than meets the eye. Possibly an increase in insurance, threat of a lawsuit, or some other substantial reason.
This is not the first time the preschool has been on the chopping block. It has always been an issue of insurance, cost vs profit, effect on tax status, and inconvenience. So business wise, it has always been an area of concern. However, thousands of children have passed through the preschool. Including my own two children, 20 years ago. The preschool has always been a benefit to the children and their achievements in school, as well as the parents, and likewise to the community. In these economic times, the choice to close the preschool and further burden parents (homeowners) is unjust. To do it in the manner in which they were notified is cold and without conscience.
Maybe the board need to re-examine the issue and take into consideration the long term significance the preschool has had in the association and the community. Consider the good it has done for thousands of children and their families. There are often ways around negative actions, changes to the allocation of the budget, having the association attorneys look it to alternative actions, and even discussing with the homeowners before taking such drastic actions. The parents deserve an explanation as to why the preschool is closing so abruptly and a chance to discuss it with the board. I am sure the board knew there would be a largely negative response. They could have mitigated the reaction with better dissemination of information instead of just putting it on the chopping block without notice.
Very truly yours,
Karen Grimmett

Letter From L.F.C.A. Member - Karen Ver Wayne

I just want to put my 2 cents worth in. Both of my children went to the preschool at the Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club 28 and 24 years ago. In those days they went 3 days a week from 9 - 12:00. I always felt that it was a central part of our community. We often would go swimming after preschool, packing a lunch and swimming with some of the other children and their mothers. Those same children ended up in the same swimming lessons. They even ended up in Indian Maidens or on the same soccer team. It felt like we were all part of a community. Two years ago I saw a girl that had been in my son's preschool class at my doctor's office. It turned out she was now a doctor at that practice and had graduated from high school with my son. She was so surprised that I remembered her from preschool. What a great feeling when that sense of community was felt. I know that sometime later situations had changed and mothers started going back to work. The preschool needed to change to meet the needs of the residents and become a full time business. Even back 28 years ago money was a problem. The preschool had to share its building with the teen center. Can't something be done to save the preschool? I am sure these parents feel like this is a safe place for their children to come. You didn't even give us homeowners any details. What are the hours, how many children attend, are they association members only or do they take those living outside the association? I heard there is a shortage of $5,000. per year. Can't you raise preschool fees? Give the homeowners a chance to work this out………don't just close the school.

Karen Ver Wayne

Letter From L.F.C.A. Member - Tony Millsap

I am in favor of keeping the pre-school open. It is a fantastic opportunity for the families in the area to have their children at this pre-school. I believe that it provides family one more reason to use the recreation center and helps bind them to the community.

I think that it is a shame that the board would vote on this without first discussing with the community at large. Historically, votes are held in the dark when those in power do not want the true motives made public. If the community at large voted to eliminate the pre-school I would be disappointed, but supportive. I can not support a decision that was made in the manner that this decision has been made.

Tony Millsap

Letter from Parent - Debbie Cain

I am so sad to hear the school may be closing! Please let us come up with some other solutions. My older daughter attended the school and I was hoping my younger daughter would be able to attend next year. We had a great experience at the school and we really enjoyed meeting the other children and families in our community this way. We were able to enjoy all the clubhouse activities and holiday celebrations even more because my daughter would see all her preschool friends there and it really helped as she moved on through the grades.

Why wouldn’t we be able to vote on this or have some input before decisions are made??

Thank you,

Debbie Cain

Letter From L.F.C.A. Member - Lori M Lytle

I regret reading that the preschool will be closing. I read the letter from the board and I can understand the overhead cost that are associated with running the preschool.
Having a preschool within your community offers many advantages. My daughter attended the preschool 20 years ago - which is hard to believe. We enjoyed having her participate in the program where she met many friends and learned what was needed prior to entering kindergarten. The friends she met while attending the preschool, she interacted with through the time she spent at the local schools, church and sports. She still has contact with some of them today and they have graduated from college.
As I said above, I understand the overhead cost and that it effects only 1% of the families living within our association but I was wondering, what percentage of families use the weight room? There is continuous upgrades to this amenity but how many families use the facility? I only state this because even though the preschool effects a small part of our association, the benefits these children receive can't be compared to not having the education and the friendships that are built within our community.
Lori M Lytle

Rebuttal to Board from Pete Deutschman

Here I sit, 15 hours following the posting of our board’s response regarding the closing of our nationally accredited pre-school, with a deepened level of disappointment, frustration and outrage. I find comfort in knowing our community has drastically different views than that of our Board as evidence by the numerous comments and posts to the community generated blog set to keep everyone honest ( as well as the public poll we posted where over 85% view the pre-school as an asset to our community. I am working hard to not take the board’s letter personal, but the tone and content of this letter (based on the facts that I know) makes me feel like I just stepped into the world of politics, not the world of community enrichment…and it feels dirty. Rather than stoop into that world, I would like to focus on a resolution, as I did in my first letter to the board. First, I need to get a few facts on the table to ensure a balanced view is conveyed.

The letter, which outlines the Board’s “factors” for closing, comes on the heels of a slew of missteps and improper communications regarding the closure. The immediate closure, no warning, false expectations has caused irreparable harm to families struggling in this tough economy, kids who love their pre-school and the enrichment the program it provides and our community by discontinuing yet another asset that the association provides.

In a recent post to the LF1 Association website, Dr. Gardner responds to a post by stating…

Posted by: Jim Gardner on: 04/27/2009
Hi Frank. The HOA spends tens and
hundreds of thousands of dollars each year repairing various assets. Sometimes
the assets are specific to a tract (the wall on Miles ave) and sometimes they
are in the common area (the fire and security systems in the clubhouse). We
don't ask people to vote on each and every repair for obvious reasons. We do,
however, make it pretty clear through our minutes and meetings what it is we are
doing, and we love to hear from people, either by e-mail or, even better, at
board meetings. The preschool project has been discussed for more than a year.
We were notified that there were maintenance problems with the building that
required substantial repair. We explored several options, including putting up a
new building in that area, but the most cost efficient method was to repair the
building. Fortunately there were sufficient monies in our reserve account for
exactly this purpose.

So, to the board, seems like this is not an issue that was 6 weeks in the making. In April there was a solid understanding of what it was going to take to fix the building that housed the pre-school. This post by Dr. Gardner highlights the misrepresentation to the parents. In fact, as numerous parents already stated via emails, posts and via calls to the association directly, association members/parents were promised a renovation to the pre-school way back during the winter of 08/09. I sat there in the parent-teacher open house excited to hear about the great things my daughter would be learning in the following year and rather the time was cannibalized by Dr. Gardner’s “campaigning” for City Government. He proclaimed the repairs would begin in two weeks (this was news to the teachers/director who asked for clarification and details during his speech) and reconfirmed the boards commitment to the pre-school. Mr. Gardner, the less than 1% of the association was important enough for you to come preach to that evening…but we are not important enough to invest time into now?


Despite my frustration of the process (or lack thereof) that led to this point, I want to be respectful of the system we have in place to help govern our community. It is my sincere hope that at tomorrow night's board meeting we can seek a motion to reconsider the decision to close the preschool, develop a plan to overcome the small deficit and further explore any other logistical issues we face. Surely, the board can assist in providing recommendation regarding what implications there will be financially and what course of actions we will have to rectify it.

· It is public record that the building will be repaired, as is the case of all other assets of the lake association. With these improvements happening anyway, the real issue clearly is not the cost of the repairs as it is the relocation and potential additional insurance increases. Again, by itself this is not a major factor for closing but a contributing factor.


Why not allow the parents to help fund raise through tuition increase or other means to cover the ~$20,000 relocation fees you reference in your letter. I suggest a committee of parents and association members who can help the board/staff and share the burden of planning and execution. Like I stated before, parents are the greatest marketing asset the association has.

The association members need to see clear expectations of the pre-school. These expectations have changed over the last few years as this board changed the pre-school’s standing from an amenity to a revenue generating business (mind you it is still not-for-profit). Like any business venture, outline expenses and develop a clear business plan including;

· Marketing plan

· Fundraising plan

· Operational planning

· Contingency planning

· Recruitment and retention (staff)

· Public Relations- share how this 1% affects our community as a whole

Over the last 10 years, the pre-school has made a profit several times and that money has gone to the general fund. As an amenity, this is one of the only assets which can make that claim. It was not until the last few years that the board started pressuring the pre-school to carry on some of the additional expenses that is incurs such as electricity and water.


NO PARENT IS DISPUTING THAT THE PRE-SCHOOL SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY THESE EXPENSES. If we are going to be self-sustaining as we know we can be, the pre-school should be held responsible for these expenses. As it relates to the 1%, based on simple math, a small increase of $40-$50.00 a month in tuition would turn the pre-school profitable. Now, I say this without having seen the P&L. Despite all the requests, this has not been provided. Regardless, when profit is reached, that money (as it has done in the past) will go back to the association benefiting 100% of the association. Wait… an amenity that brings in revenue? Seems like a no brainer to me. Again, by itself this is not a major factor for closing but a contributing factor.

· You mention having a portable building on the property to house the kids during renovations for several months would be an eyesore and troublesome. Why wasn’t this an issue in the 3 or 4 public announcements you made (in person or in the newsletters) where you address the pre-school renovation. Eyesore wasn’t an issue then. In fact when you came to speak with us, you praised the “great new technology that was available” allowing the portables to be self-sustaining. I point this out again to make my point that the board’s ability to research, analyze, ask the right questions and propose a solution to the community is in question. This is the job of the board, is it not? Again, by itself this is not a factor for closing but a contributing factor.


With support from a Parent Committee we can help to educate the association members surrounding the clubhouse and who visit regularly of the temporary nature. Fortunately, this is not going to impact summer activity and presumably would happen during the slow winter period. We should continue to explore temporary space both on-site or off.

Something to think about…

We all live in a 1% world. Each of use an amenity or an asset that is important to us, our home or our families that doesn’t affect the masses. However, we are each worth more than 1%! All of that aside, your statement is clearly an attempt to rally balance sheet, newsletter reading community members who do not know all the facts that led us to this improperly handled decision. Allow me to take your math a few steps further.

At full capacity (assuming all are association members), the MOST this pre-school affects is 2.5%. This means that over the last 30 years of the pre-school’s operation, each Board has appreciated the asset, respected the affect on our community and most importantly, value all us “small players”.

· Not all go to the Easter egg hunt each year. Your labeled “1%” do!

· Not all have boats or enjoy the lake as those who live on the water…yes, even those who cruise the lake are in a 1% bracket.

· Oh yes, the 1%... Again, by itself this is not a major factor for closing but a contributing factor.

As stated earlier, I am sincere in my desire to see resolution and reconsideration by the board. Issues dealing with our kids tend to set off emotions not otherwise found in these forums. All I ask is that the board listen to the points parents and members bring up, develop a course of action that seeks to address the fiscal concerns of annual shortfall and act to keep our pre-school open. Let’s make sure this is an asset to our community for many years to come.


Pete Deutschman

MUST READ Letter From Preschool Director - Cindy Cienfuegos

Thank you to Cindy for her brave and informative response to the Board of Director's official letter stating 5 reasons for the permanent closure of the preschool. Also, be sure to read the multiple comments left after the Board's letter was posted - and leave your own, we need to make sure all points are communicated to the board on Wednesday. See you at the club at 5pm for a friendly show of support for this amazing staff and school...bring the kiddos, we'll give you a sign:)


I, the director of the preschool, was indeed notified on Friday, Aug 7th of the intended closure of the preschool. I was asked if I wanted to notify the parents and staff. I declined because I was flabbergasted that a decision of that magnitude would be made so close to the end of the school year. I was then assured that letters would go out that Friday evening. I asked Cynthia on Monday, Aug 10th, if the letters had gone out and was again told they had not but that they would go out the next day. I finally sent my own letter out to the parents and at least got the ball rolling.

Here are my comments, point by point:

1. If you add up all of the children served over the past 30 years, I bet it comes to more than 1% of the homeowners.

2. I am not sure where the loss figures come from. Lately it has run at a loss, but my figures are different. The first five years I was director we made about 39,000.00. Where did that money go? For about 25 years the school was run as an amenity to the club. It has only been during the past 1 - 2 years that the board wanted to run it as a business. And I agree it should have been. Every year I wanted to increase the tuition and was voted down. I kept telling the board that eventually we would not make any money. Well, it finally caught up with us.

As to the "enormous amount of administrative time spent by staff who are not connected with the preschool", whatever happened to the saying, "The preschool is no trouble at all - it runs itself"?

This year huge amounts of time have been spent but that is because the problems have spun out of control - bad economy, dilapidated building, low enrollment, the need to increase tuition, etc.

Now we come to marketing strategies. Yes, we did some additional advertising - finally. I have never been allowed to advertise outside the club. This was a first. And yes, the advertising DID work. Last week alone I did 8 tours and had 6 more parents want to enroll their children! I had to turn them down. I am sure we could have filled by September.

The preschool has run at or near the maximum enrollment except for the past year. Maybe it has something to do with the economy????

3. No one ever knew we had to have a City Permit until this year. We were licensed by the State of California. Never a problem for 30 years.

4. No comment on this one. All is correct.

5. We had a waiver for all non-members. When our insurance rates increased a few years ago, I brought to the attention of the former General Manager(s) that there were outside companies specifically designed to insure preschools. I gave them contact phone numbers - to no avail.

All in all, I think that the letter was a slap in the face to the preschool staff and the "14 members of the 35 enrollees".

Monday, August 17, 2009

Official Letter From Cynthia Valdes re: Preschool Closure

Today this e-mail was posted on the L.F.C.A. website, and sent to the association members on the current L.F.C.A. e-mail list. We have been eagerly awaiting this letter and the clear understanding of ALL reasons attributing to the seemingly quick decision to shut the preschool down and are even more frustrated at the political spin this situation has taken on.

The letter received by parents 8/12 stated "financial reasons", and after reading this more specific letter it is apparent that finances were not the major reason to close the preschool, but a contributing factor.

Many of the reasons stated are quite simply unbelievable and unsubstantiated, considering the fact that this decision was brought on by discoveries made in the time span of six weeks (according to board president Jim Gardener in this letter). Read on and please leave your comments below so we can make sure everyone's reaction is clearly communicated in our next letter to the board.

(Click on the screen button in the top right of the letter frame to enlarge)
Preschool Closure

Letter From - Tanja Trainer L.F.C.A. Member & Parent

Dear Ms. Valdes,

To say the I received a serious shock when I dropped my son off at preschool this morning is an understatement of epic proportions. I took him to school as usual, and pulled the various papers out his folder and gave them a looking over as I was heading out the door. The sound of my jaw dropping I am sure was heard as far away as Mission Viejo. In my son's folder was a letter from one of the other parents stating that the preschool is to be closed at the end of the month. This was complete news to me seeing as the Association has NEVER informed us, meaning my family, of this closure. Apparently other families have received notices, but we never have. My son is supposed to attend this preschool for another year, and yet I am not notified that his school is closing??? I wasn't even notified that there was going to be a vote to close the school!!! I had heard that it was to be renovated, but closure?!?! This school has been here for almost 30 years. Generations of Association members have attended this preschool, and now it has been slated to be closed without even giving members of the Association the chance to be involved in this decision? I have read that the some of the reasons given for closing the school are a shortfall of money and that only about 1 % of the members use it. There are money shortfalls everywhere right now and this preschool has been profitable more often than not, so that is not a reason to close. Not to mention, I am sure that every parent there would be more than happy to pay a little extra and even do fundraisers to save the school, but we were never even given the opportunity. As to only 1% of members using it, that argument applies to just about everything at the Association. The upstairs rec room is perpetually deserted. The only person that I know of that ever uses it is my husband and for just that reason, because he knows no one will ever be there and he will have it to himself. I doubt more than 1 or 2 % percent of the Association uses the gym either. It is dark almost every time I go by there. Is that going to be boarded up as well? What about the lagoon? Talk about a drain on resources. How much is being spent on resolving that issue, when it would just be better to knock down the wall and just make it part of the lake? Even the pool doesn't seem to see much activity except on weekends. But that preschool is used Monday through Friday, and yet it has been voted to close it. A vote I might add that was taken behind closed doors and without the community having any say. That is what bothers me the most. The fact that the school could possibly be closed is upsetting enough, but that this decision was reached in such a sneaky, underhanded manner is the most upsetting of all. I no longer have any trust in this board whatsoever, and they have made it clear that they do not have the best interests of this community at heart. I find the reasons stated for the closure highly questionable, and the members of this Association deserve far more concrete answers and reasons. I am outraged not only as a member of the Association, which I have been for almost 11 years, but as a mother. My oldest son went to this preschool, and now my youngest son is going to this preschool, and if I have any children in the future, they will go to this preschool. It is extremely difficult to find a good preschool, especially one that has such a long standing staff as Miss Cindy, Miss Linda, and Miss Gale, whose dedication is about to be rewarded by losing their jobs. One of the things that we were most excited about when we moved here to Lake Forest and into this Association was the fact that it had a preschool. We were thrilled, and I am sure we are among many who moved here who felt the same way, and I know future members would be just excited to find a preschool on the premises of their Association. And yet, the Board has decided to close one of the Associations greatest assets. I cannot see how this makes any sense. Fiscal issues can be resolved in a better way than this. I know the community can rally behind this preschool and do whatever is necessary to keep it going. What is despicable is that chance was never given. I look forward to Board Meeting this Wednesday, where I and many others will be able to give our thoughts and opinions in person.


Tanja Trainer
Mother of Griffin Schwab

Letter From - Laurie Smith L.F.C.A. Member

LFCA Board:
I suggest you look at the preschool as other not-for-profit organizations would----- as a potential money maker. All organizations look for ways to make money to support the services for which they are created. Museums have gift shops, etc. You have a potential goldmine.
1) The community needs a licensed childcare center. We have it!
2) We have a very talented manager and staff who offer families more than just time away from mom and dad.
3) Parents can make flexible schedules with a balanced payment, structured around their job responsibilities -- not just the schools convenience.
4) There is no reason why we don't charge a surcharge to residents outside Lake I, but still keep the school available for homeowners.
5) We could do a cooperative with Lake II, giving them the discount given us. OR
6) Lake II might help us support the program if they could have X number of places.
Consider your options to make it an asset instead of trying to kill a good thing.
Thank you,
Laurie Smith

Letter From Ryan Bullock - L.F.C.A. Member

As a new parent, I am dissapointed that our baby and future children will not have the chance to attend the preschool.

The preschool was a nice incentive when we bought our house. This incentive does help everyone, not just 1% becuase it's a benefit that adds value to all of our homes.

It is a tough housing market. Anything to attract new young home buyers should not be disregarded without a vote from the association members.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Letter from Association re: Lakeview Learning Center Closure

Original letter sent to preschool families enrolled for fall 2009.
Received August 12, 2009

click on letter to enlarge

Letter From Ken & Patti Martinez - L.F.C.A. Members

We support you in the effort to save the Lakeview Learning Center. You have provided an excellent, accredited pre-school experience that this community is proud of. We are shocked to hear that the LFCA board members made this decision, and will make every effort to attend the August 19th board meeting.

Best regards,

Ken and Patti Martinez

Hope for the Preschool!

Hello, I just came home from walking and ringing the doorbells of 200 homes in the association. I have to say that it was an amazing experience. Of those 200 homes, about 70 people answered their door, 67 were willing to sign my petition!!

I cannot believe how supportive everyone has been. People were literally stopping me in the street asking me about the closure. Gosh, a family driving by saw me, stopped their car, backed up and asked me if they could sign my petition !! I had so many discussions with people talking about how they had previous kids there, and are saddened by the news and very much against it closing.

I am asking (with sore knees and sore feet) , to please come out on Tuesday eve and if you can to the board meeting on Wednesday. Whether or not you have found another placement for your child the show of support WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Rally with us this Tuesday evening, bring a sign or we will have some there for you. Or come and sign the petition. We need the physical show of support. Bring your friends. Let's make it a celebration of our community. Let's show how appreciative we are of our amazing preschool teachers and how much we believe that the right thing must be done.

The community is with us, I know that now first hand!!

Thanks to all who are on foot this weekend passing out fliers! Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. Hey, let's make it a great week! I have confidence in us all, we can do it !

~Dolores Wirth

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Letter From Board President Jim Gardner

Below you will find a recent letter by Board President Jim Gardner where he attempts to respond to the public outcry and outratge regarding the closing of Lakeview Learning Center. Read the letter for yourslef. I have posted some of my questions as comments and encourage you to do the same. ALSO NOTE: Come Monday when the letter is to be realeased it will be nearly ONE WEEK since the parents were notified and we posted our first letter to the board. To this day, I have not been contacted by the board, nor have any parents.

Do not miss the Forsythe letter to President Gardner posted here

A letter from President Gardner
The HOA and Board operate within a framework of rules and regulations that require that we function in a specified manner, in terms of meetings, notifications of meetings, etc. We are not a sole proprietary store or a partnership in which actions can be taken by an individual or even the Board without going through the proper procedures.

As new information about the preschool accumulated in the period between mid July and early August, the earliest possible time for a meeting was the regularly scheduled executive meeting on August 6th. So there was no earlier time that a meeting could be held. The decision by the Board on August 6th was communicated by the GM to the preschool director on August 7th. In addition to notifying the director, the GM was asked to prepare a letter to the parents and a letter to our members detailing the reasons for the closure. Such a letter had to be drafted, reviewed, sent to all the Board members, re-drafted, reviewed again and sent to PCM HR department as well as our legal counsel, etc. A cumbersome process, but under the circumstances, this is the process that we followed to insure that everyone rights were protected.

Right now it appears that the letter will be ready by Monday and people should be able to read it on the website by Monday afternoon. Given that the preschool operates for the benefit of less than 1% of the association, I don't think the time taken to go through the proper procedure disadvantages our association. For those people who were immediately impacted, the preschool director was informed on the 7th, and the letter to the parents and the return of the checks happened on the 11th.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Twittering parents hope to save preschool
Lakeview Learning Center has operated at Lake I in Lake Forest for 15 years.
The Orange County Register
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Read the article online HERE

LAKE FOREST –– Parents trying to save a nationally ranked preschool have gone to Twitter and blogging to raise awareness.

In just 24 hours supporters of the Lakeview Learning Center –– a pre-school run by the Lake I Homeowner's Association –– has drummed up electronic support from teachers, parents, community members and other education professionals.

"If we didn't have these tools, we'd just be passing out fliers," said Pete Deutschman, whose daughter attends the school. "We've had a tremendous outpouring of support. I set up my Twitter account and it got active. I've received letters and posted them immediately. We've been able to provide a platform for everyone to speak out."

Deutschman found out the pre-school was set to close when his daughter, Chloe,3, came home with a letter two days ago,

"The letter said that the board was closing the pre-school after 15 years," said Deutschman, 34, "There was no real understanding of why. They gave us 12 days to say goodbye and find another school."

The Lake I HOA made the decision the previous week but informed the parents on Wednesday. Their reason for the proposed closure is loss of money and that the building needs repairs.

Since this onslaught of support, the president of the board, Jim Gardner said in a letter to an association member "If all these issues can be resolved the board may reconsider its position. But you have to remember the board has to consider the interest of the entire association, not the just the interest of a few."

Deutschman said he is hopeful that the board will open it up for conversation.

"I hope that we can open lines of communications around what has become a very urgent issue to many parents and members as a way of resolving and salvaging an amazingly valuable program to our community," said Deutschman.

On Tuesday parents, teachers and children will gather at the school, located at 22921 Ridge Route Dr in Lake Forest, for a friendly show of support for Lakeview Learning Center. Participants will meet in front of the Lake I clubhouse starting at 5 p.m.

For more information regarding this visit http :// Twitter: @savemypreschool

Contact the writer: 949-454-7307 or


Parents Blog, Email, Twitter, Telephone and Rally to Save Lake Forest Preschool
By Matt Coker in A Clockwork Orange, School Daze
Friday, Aug. 14 2009 @ 12:34PM

Click here to see the article online.

​Parents who have mounted a blog/Twitter/old-timey-telephone campaign to save a Lake Forest preschool from closing say their efforts are working. To prove this, they have posted letters from board members who say they are reconsidering plans to shutter the nationally accredited Lakeview Learning Center after a 15-year run.

Parents learned in a letter their children brought home Wednesday that the preschool is planning to close its doors Aug. 28 due to financial reasons. A refund for the parents' deposits accompanied the letter. The campaign aims to force a meeting with the Lake Forest Community Association board of directors, which owns the preschool, in hopes of negotiating a way to keep it open. Pete Deutschman, whose daughter is enrolled at Lakeview Learning Center, has started tweeting and set up a blog to raise awareness about the closure.

"I hope that we can open lines of communications around what has become a very urgent issue to many parents and members as a way of resolving and salvaging an amazingly valuable program to our community," says Deutschman. "Unfortunately, our board president sees this preschool as a liability rather than the asset it truly is."

Email Deutschman here:

The "Save Lakeview" blog is here.

Twitter: @savemypreschool.

Parents have posted the Lake Forest Community Association board's response to the closure here. In fact, the blog includes several letters back and forth between parents and board member. The parents suggest calling LFCA general manager Cynthia Valdes at (949) 837-6100, emailing her here and the board here to voice support for keeping the preschool open.

Teachers, parents and children are scheduled to hold a rally in support of Lakeview Tuesday at the preschool, 22921 Ridge Route Drive, Lake Forest. They also vow to attend the community association's board meeting the next night at 6 p.m.


When: Tomorrow, Saturday, August 15th, at 9am and going all day
What: Passing out fliers to the community to drum up support
Where: The Wirth Home, (Dolores & Ben, Benjamin and Zachary)

Please call me or text me to let me know when you will be by!

Hope to see ya and bring your walking shoes and sunscreen!!! Also, you can just come pick up fliers and get a neighborhood assigned to you and pass them out either Saturday or Sunday. I have included a pdf of the flier in case you can't make it but want to pass some out anyway.

~Dolores 949-636-7818

Directions: Note that online maps and navigation systems map our house wrong, please use the following directions. From the Clubhouse, take Ridge Route towards Jeronimo. Make a right on Jeronimo. Take a right on Greenbay (before El Toro). Greenbay turns into Belquest. Continue on Belquest for a short bit, then make a right on Cavanaugh. We are the house at the end of the cul de sac. 24911 Cavanaugh.

Want to Help?
Download the Flyer and Spread the Word!
Please Help Us Save the Preschool

First official communication from LFCA

It has been quite a week! After we all received notice that the preschool is closing over 20 letters, countless phonecalls and a good flow of "tweets" have been coming in in support of the preschool. Obvious to me that Lake Forest Association did not handle this closing appropriatly. Finally, today at 4:30pm I received an email from Cynthia Valdes, the poor person who has been made the go to for all our letters. In this email, she indicates we will formally and FOR THE FIRST TIME learn about the reasons for the closure. It will be good to have this information prior to next week's Board meeting. To The Board, I say...thank you.

Dear Mr. Deutschman,

A detailed explanation of the decision to close the Lakeview Learning Center will be posted to the Association website next Monday by 5pm. Please let the parents know that this letter will be forthcoming.


Cynthia Valdes
General Manager
Lake Forest Community Association
22921 Ridge Route
Lake Forest, CA 92630
949-837-6100 phone
949-837-0216 fax

Letter From Andy Gizara - L.F.C.A. Member

Dear Ms. Cynthia, et al.

I was shocked and disappointed to hear the association is planning to close
Lakeview Preschool. Our youngest, Eileen, is a third grader and an alumnus
of Lakeview Preschool. We feel Lakeview provided a learning experience
close to home for her that enriched her development favorably leading to her
substantial academic progress in elementary school. It would not be fair to
deprive other association members with preschool aged children the
opportunity to have their child attend a quality place of learning in their
own neighborhood.


Andy Gizara,

Letter From Denise Bernard

Hi Ms Cynthia,

Just wanted to let you know I support leaving the L.V. preschool Open...My son, Troy Bernard attended 7 years ago....and really benefitted from going. He was very prepared in every way to go to kindergarten because of his experience at pre-school. Today he is more outgoing and socialable from where he use to be. I think the preschool played a big part in his developement.

Please post on your blog.


Denise Bernard

Letter From Michelle and Richard Forsythe - L.F.C.A. Members


While your post here states that you will answer several concerns, you
equally raise a great number of far more disturbing issues, even laying
aside the closure of the preschool itself. Your comments acknowledge that
the board had a period of time between the newsletter being written in mid
July and the executive committee meeting on the 6th of August. Evidently
during those three weeks, news of such critical importance arose that the
Board was forced into the closure of the school. You - and presumably the
entire board - had time to 1.) analyze these mysterious facts, 2.) reach a
decision, 3.) arrange for refunds and notifications to be posted to the
parents, and 4.) for the closure of the school. Yet, you did not update the
Preschool section on this website (still accepting enrollment as of today
8/15/09!), nor did you - nor any Board member - make any effort to contact
the Association members. Instead, poor Cynthia is now scrambling to explain
the Boards decision - and given the outcry on the handling of this issue I
do not envy her role.

You are always very quick to reply to posts on this website - why did you
not post the facts as they arose, or make any notification to the

And while I certainly agree the needs of the majority of the membership must
be placed over and above the needs of only a few, I believe all members are
entitled to openness on the part of the board, that timely and accurate
information should be dispensed, and that it is indeed the responsiblity of
the Board to communicate on all issues promptly. Because many members do not
attend meetings, and because you personally have pushed for the open thread
on this website, it is very alarming to realize a decision of this
magnitude -whether right or wrong - could take place without any visibly
effort on your part to post on this board, send email to the LFCA contact
list, or simply pop a letter in the mail to the complete membership. It
would be silly of the Board to think that lightly attended meetings mean an
apathetic or maleable membership! I for one expect the people I employ to be
able to do an adequate job without constant supervision or micro-management.

One last point - your reply to Carol Madigan's original post uses the phrase
"you claim" no fewer than four times. Surely, this is a rather aggressive
response - and especially from a gentleman of your background!!! You must
admit that had you immediately dispensed information - via all available
channels- there is a significant possibility this entire kerfuffle could
have been avoided.

I - and many, many members - will eagerly await not only Cythia's letter,
which will obviously contain the financial information for the preschool for
last five years, but indeed an apology from the entire Board for their
disappointing handling of this issue.


Michelle and Richard Forsythe

Letter From Peri Deutschman - Aunt

This letter is in support of The Lakeview Learning Center. I am so saddened to hear the news of the closure of our Lakeview Learning Center. I have had the joy of watching my niece, Chloe Deutschman thrive in such a warm, safe and outstanding learning environment, that we are fortunate enough to have in our own backyard!! A school like Lakeview Learning Center is invaluable to the future of Lake Forest and to our children. Please reconsider the decision to close our Center!!! Open the lines of communication and let us make our case for our children, and on behalf of our wonderful teachers. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Peri Deutschman Lake Forest resident of 28 years

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter From L.F.C.A. Member - Bette Lawson

Dear Cynthia,

My! My! I bet you are having one hell of a day after Thursday notice of closure of the preschool. I'm writing not to say either Yes or No to the closure to the school but more so about how it was handles. Our little lake has been talking about it all day yesterday and this morning and I'm sure between now and next Wednesday night there will be lots of e-mails, calls, visit to the club and tears and anger expressed in one form or another. My husband and I will be out of town and unable to attend the meeting next week. This is one time I wish the club filmed the meetings because it's going to be a doozie. If you think the health care issue with Obama is big wait till this one. Anyway, I only have a few things to express.

1. This should have been brought out back in April or May and told to the association so it could have been discussed and addressed while there was time to answer the questions. I'm very disappointed with the Board that they waited until two weeks before school starts to do this. There is so little time for the parents to find another location. It just isn't right to wait till now to do this.

2. I'm not either FOR or AGAINST the closure of the school. IF, after going over or the pros and cons, the financial issues, the future of the school, etc. then, and only then should a decision be made. For the Board to do this behind closed doors is what I'm upset about. Once more it only shows how very disrespect the Board, and apparently PCM, has for it's members. If, after discussion and listening to ALL SIDES, the Board votes to close the school, so be it. But to never give the parents, staff, membership or others the chance to discuss it is just right out WRONG!

Along this same issue I really must say how disappointed I am at the present Board. I was out the country a great deal last year and unable to be involved in the meetings. I always went every month until we were gone so much last year. When we came back I saw a lot of things repaired and upgraded and thought the Board was doing a good job taking care of the association in these hard financial times. I heard good things about PCM, including you, and thought things were going well. There will always be something at associations that bring about stress on a daily basis but general things are running smoothly at the club....until this.
How could PCM go along with this secret meeting, knowing that staff was told NOT to say anything. I guess the association is PCM's boss but still this was handled all wrong.

3. It has been said that the president, Dr. Gardner, called this meeting when some of the Board was not able to be there. I don't know if this is true or not. If it is then this is even worse than stated above. I get along with Jim but I'll stand up against anyone who tries to do something this import to so many that it's done the way it was done. If Dr. Gardner is innocent in this then let all the details of how it came about, who said what and when come out. Just like the present administration Washington keeps say: Transparency is the goal. Our Board should be the same way. Well, this sure does look and smell like three month old fish because it has been going on for several months now. I can't believe that there wasn't at least ONE Board member who wouldn't stand up for the school and the people on this issue. If only one Board member has said NO to a closed door meeting then all this resentment would not be coming out at this moment.

In closing, once more let me say that at this moment I don't know how I would vote if I were on the Board to either close or keep open the school. What I do know is that I would fight to make this issue an open door event and not slink off and hide behind closed doors to do this. Even as crooked as our Washington Congress is they MUST vote in public for a bill if it's going to pass. Why wasn't our Board made to do the same thing on such an import issue? That I think should have come from PCM's side or advice from the lawyers. But then, what do I know.

Bette Lawson

MUST READ: first board member response...we are getting somewhere!

Parents, Home Owners and concerned residents of Lake Forest,

It's working! This evening, I received a forward from an Association member and grandparent of a student of Lakeview Learning Center. In this forward, Board President Jim Gardner responded to several of the points in her email and even stated "....the Board may reconsider its decision". I am thrilled to see forward momentum and dialog toward a resolution. Still, I personally have not received any word from the Board with answers to any of my questions. While out of context, allow me to quote Shakespeare, "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"

I appreciate Mr. Gardner's response and desire to refute specific "claims". Mr. Gardner, we look forward to working on the details with you and the Board. I do wish that we had been provided the facts , clearly poor communication is to blame. You have to agree; with facts in hand "claims" become unnecessary.


From: drjgardnerTo: carol madigan
Sent: 8/13/2009 6:04:42 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Closure of Preschool


I'm writing in response to your e-mail about the closure of the preschool.

You claim "The Lake Forest Association Board, in an emergency closed door meeting last Friday..." This is not true. In fact, the decision was made at the regularly scheduled executive committee meeting that is held the first Thursday of each month. The topic was on the agenda along with other topics.

You claim that nothing was mentioned about closing the preschool in the President's message in the August newsletter. That's true, because the issue did not come up when the message was written in mid July. The reasons for the Board voting to close the preschool emerged in the weeks between the message being written and the executive meeting on August 6th. I've asked Cynthia to lay out all these issues in a report she will send when it is completed.

You claim "While several teachers were provided enrollment targets several months back they were not permitted to share details of the ultimatum with parents for some unknown reason..." This is not true. There was never any ultimatum, and as far as I know, at least from the perspective of the Board, no one was told not to discuss the situation. Indeed, it was just the opposite. We asked everyone to do everything they could to reach a break even situation by enrolling 42 students.

You claim "The key point that was conveyed to him by staff is that the preschool is losing money each year. When pressed for an amount, several sources told him the deficit annually is $5,000! YES…$5,000." Of course I can't tell you what was said between your son-in-law and unnamed staff members, but I can assure you that the fact that the preschool loses money every year was not a "key" reason, although obviously it was a reason.

I've asked Cynthia to get her report out asap so that everyone can see all the factors that went into the decision. If all these issues can be resolved, the Board may reconsider its decision. But you have to remember that the Board has to consider the interests of the entire association, and not the interests of a few. We welcome your input into community affairs.


Letter From Linda Kirsch - Educator

Dear Ms. Valdes,

I was shocked and distressed when I heard about the proposed closing of the Lakeview Learning Center. Our family lived in Lake Forest for nearly 20 years and although, when we came to Lake Forest, our children were too old to attend the preschool, we were always proud that our ­­­association offered a quality NAEYC accredited preschool – one of the very few NAEYC accredited preschools in the greater community.

I am a professional educator and have worked as a director of education for the past thirty years, including six years as an early childhood director. The quality of the developmental program at Lakeview Learning Center and the caring and nurturing environment offered by the faculty is outstanding and has been a real gift to our community.

We are all faced with economic difficulties. However, I believe that the closing of an accredited preschool that serves the children of our community needs to be a last resort after every other option has been considered. Please give your students and their parents and grandparents the opportunity to work with you to find another solution. You need to keep this gem of a preschool open to continue to educate and nurture our children.

Yours truly,

Linda R. Kirsch, RJE, MAJS

Letter From Roberta Deutschman - Grandparent & Early Childood Specialist

Letter to the Board from Roberta K. Deutschman,

Educator, Child Life Specialist ,Early Childhood Specialist, Preschool Director, Children’s Enrichment Coordinator.

Our lives, begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am convinced that for the good of the whole community, the Board needs to stop the closing of the Lakeview Learning Center.

I have been a member of Lake II for 32 years. Both Lake I and Lake II share so many wonderful amenities from the pool area to tennis and basketball courts, event entertaining and gym areas. THE one main attraction Lake I has is it’s excellent Early Childhood Educational Center, the Lakeview Learning Center. This Lakeview Learning Center attracts families seeking excellence in quality education for their preschool age children.Choosing Preschools is a primary factor when choosing ‘where to live’. Early Childhood Education ‘matters’ to families in this community.

The Lakeview Learning Center is NAEYC accredited and it is only one of a few in the area to receive this achievement in excellence. NAEYC, National Association of the Education for Young Children, accredits Learning Centers who meet the highest of standards in education. The Lakeview Learning Center offers our community families the excellence in education including staffing, curriculum and physical environment.

It is imperative that as a community we recognize the Lakeview Learning Center and its capacities, talents, direction and mission. For our families this Center is a place to develop...emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically. This Center follows developmentally appropriate guidelines developed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

I am ‘speaking out’ because it ‘matters’ and asking the Board to support Early Childhood Education and your outstanding Learning Center. Lake I Lakeview Learning Center is Early Childhood Education; it is not a Day Care. The learning experiences provided are NAEYC Accredited. We have an outstanding Learning Center in our community and we do not want to let it go!

It would be an ‘honor’ for the Board to support the Lakeview Learning Center and not a liability. Let’s acknowledge today’s difficult economic times , and ask Lake I Board to become our ‘Hero’ and come to the aid of our families.

I was a ‘founding’ director of the Preschool on Lake II and I know the community mission and services the association can provide for our families. An Early Childhood Center and one that is NAEYC accredited, and only a select few reach this honor, should continue to be the heart of our mission.

Marketing a preschool is no easy task. My children live on Lake I and only ‘stumbled’ on this Center....but because of its NAEYC accreditation, they enrolled without hesitation. This speaks highly of the developmental programs they provide. The Board needs to give this Preschool a chance. The Lakeview Learning Center is a value to the association and to the community at large.

Respectfully submitted,

Roberta K. Deutschman