Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter From Carol Madigan - L.F.C.A. Member

I am a concerned grandparent and I am very passionate about the quality of my granddaughter’s education.

I have learned that The Lake Forest Association Board, in an emergency closed door meeting last week, voted to close the Lakeview Learning Center effective August 28th (without all members being present). This 5 star N.A.E.Y.C. accredited preschool has been an asset of our community for over 20 years. I have lived and been a member of this association for over 27 years and for the board to take away this valuable amenity doesn't seem justified. What else will this Board do without informing us?!

In the last LFCA Village News (August 2009) it was stated in the President's Report that the "Preschool repair has been delayed by a host of bureaucratic issues involved with the city, licensing, etc. We had hoped to start in the Fall but now it looks like January will be a better start date to insure a smooth process." Nothing was said about closing it!

While several teachers were provided enrollment targets several months back they were not permitted to share details of the ultimatum with parents for some unknown reason thereby taking away one of the greatest assets the preschool has, parents and their word of mouth abilities. We can and should save this preschool.

My son-in-law was told by staff at the Association that the preschool is losing money each year. When pressed for an amount, several sources told him the deficit annually is $5,000! YES…$5,000.

I know the parents of the preschool children can help bridge this gap but we need to hear from the Board what if anything else is causing this decision. Surely, it cannot be the $5,000…can it?!

I, along with many association member are very upset about this situation.

Carol Madigan

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