Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Letter From L.F.C.A. Member - Lori M Lytle

I regret reading that the preschool will be closing. I read the letter from the board and I can understand the overhead cost that are associated with running the preschool.
Having a preschool within your community offers many advantages. My daughter attended the preschool 20 years ago - which is hard to believe. We enjoyed having her participate in the program where she met many friends and learned what was needed prior to entering kindergarten. The friends she met while attending the preschool, she interacted with through the time she spent at the local schools, church and sports. She still has contact with some of them today and they have graduated from college.
As I said above, I understand the overhead cost and that it effects only 1% of the families living within our association but I was wondering, what percentage of families use the weight room? There is continuous upgrades to this amenity but how many families use the facility? I only state this because even though the preschool effects a small part of our association, the benefits these children receive can't be compared to not having the education and the friendships that are built within our community.
Lori M Lytle

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