Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter From Parent - Kristen Guithues

Dear Cynthia,

I am a homeowner residing in Lake Forest and a member of the Lake Forest II Sun & Sail Club. I started searching for a quality preschool almost a year ago, with the plan for my now 4 year old to start preschool this Fall. Last February, I was thrilled to have met Cindy and registered my son with Lakeview. Most schools start registering for the Fall in early Spring.

I was completely disheartened to receive in the mail yesterday a letter from Lake Forest Community Association advising that it was decided that the Lakeview Learning Center is closing effective August 28, 2009. It seems to me careful consideration should have been given to those small children whose daily lives are completely being turned around. My son has not yet started but we’ve gone by several times and visited “his new school” and he’s extremely excited about it. He simply doesn’t understand how could someone “just close it down”…and frankly neither can I. Why not announce a decision of that magnitude at the start of the year advising it will close at the end of the year, thereby giving everyone plenty of notice and time to deal with the consequences. This decision, and this short notice, is so very disappointing.

How are we going to find an appropriate replacement when most of the schools filled their capacity last Spring? I take preschool very seriously and it will not be easy to find a suitable replacement. If money is the main reason, why not increase the tuition? The school’s rates were very competitive and could easily have justified an increase.

Kristen Guithues
Mother of Carter Guithues

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