Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter From Linda Kirsch - Educator

Dear Ms. Valdes,

I was shocked and distressed when I heard about the proposed closing of the Lakeview Learning Center. Our family lived in Lake Forest for nearly 20 years and although, when we came to Lake Forest, our children were too old to attend the preschool, we were always proud that our ­­­association offered a quality NAEYC accredited preschool – one of the very few NAEYC accredited preschools in the greater community.

I am a professional educator and have worked as a director of education for the past thirty years, including six years as an early childhood director. The quality of the developmental program at Lakeview Learning Center and the caring and nurturing environment offered by the faculty is outstanding and has been a real gift to our community.

We are all faced with economic difficulties. However, I believe that the closing of an accredited preschool that serves the children of our community needs to be a last resort after every other option has been considered. Please give your students and their parents and grandparents the opportunity to work with you to find another solution. You need to keep this gem of a preschool open to continue to educate and nurture our children.

Yours truly,

Linda R. Kirsch, RJE, MAJS

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