Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter From Carrie Burkholder - Parent


I am the parent of a Lakeview Learning Center preschooler, and I am very saddened and shocked about the board’s sudden vote to close the preschool. Reading the letter that I was sent was like getting punched in the stomach. My heart sunk as I tried to think about how I was going to tell my son that his preschool was closing forever and he would not be with his beloved friends and teachers from week to week.

The Lakeview Learning Center is such an important part of our community. Our 11 year old son, Austin, attended Lakeview Learning center. Our son, Aiden is attending now and we planned on having our son, Ryker attend two years from now as well. It has been a vehicle to start our children and a lot of the children in our community on the road to healthy, productive and successful educations. That benefits our community as a whole, whether we belong to the LFCA or not. The short notice and sudden decision to close the school shows me that the LFCA board members have no understanding or regard for the needs of our communities families, or for the staff who have worked and cared for our children so lovingly all of these years.

The decision to close the school could not have been all about the money or lack thereof. Had we’d known the school was under threat of closure, we parents could have rallied together to raise funds, contribute donations or budgeted for an increase in tuition. In the coming days my hope is that the people of the community who need and want this preschool, can come to an agreement with the board to reverse the decision to close the school and allow it to stay open.

Thank you for your time.

Carrie Burkholder

Mom to Austin, Aiden & Ryker Burkholder

Past, Present and Future students at Lakeview Learning Center

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