Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter to the board- from Member April Madigan


As a parent of a Lakeview Learning Center preschooler, I am most taken aback by the lack of sensitivity that has been displayed by the board and management team of the Association in their last minute decision to close Lakeview Learning Center. All of the families who send their children to preschool take great care in choosing just the right school for their child, be it in curriculum, cost, or proximity to work or home.

Lakeview Learning Center is depended on by local working families in this community. The short notice and seemingly sudden decision to close the school down shows a blatant disregard not only for the needs of community families, but also for the group of 3-5 year old children who have come to love their daily experience at the school. The staff has been unable to prepare themselves, let alone this young group of children and their families for such a drastic change.

If the writing has been on the wall as to the future of the school, I cannot personally understand the decision to give this dedicated staff and the affected families 12 days to find alternative jobs,schooling AND childcare.

I sat through a speech given by Dr. Gardner at the preschool's Parent Night in which he talked at length of a new building for the preschool, to the obvious surprise of the entire staff. I admit I was not surprised when this new building did not materialize, but to close the school down without an equally long speech to the parents seems rather unfair.

As a member of the Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club for 27 years, I have always been proud to bring friends to the "club" and rave about the gem of a preschool we get to send our kids to right inside. This amenity attracts many families not just to the school, but also to the special events hosted by the Association.

I am anxious to understand the motivation behind this decision, and am confident that if this is merely a financial situation there are helpful resources waiting to be tapped within our preschool community.

April Madigan

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