Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letter From Heidi Herington - Parent

I was extremely disappointed in the Board's decision to permanently close the Lakeview Learning Center. Though my daughter is a recent addition to the roster, she has assimilated quickly and has clearly been much happier since she moved to the Center compared to her previous preschool. I think it is also beneficial that she is making friends with local children who can all grow up together in a close community. Closing the center would hamper the opportunity for all of our community children to build those important neighborhood bonds and develop lasting relationships that could be a mainstay of L.F.C.A.

Having recently evaluated several preschools in the area, I can attest that the quality of care and education provided by the Learning Center is better than others and to lose the Center would hurt not only our own community, but the City of Lake Forest as well. I believe that with an increase in tuition and an improved marketing strategy, the funds to remodel and keep the Center going could be attained.

I would like to request that the Board reconsider this decision temporarily, and work with the parents and community to find solutions to the challenges it faces. There is motivation and support among the parents to keep the school open, and collaboration often produces great results. If within 60 days, a viable plan is not achieved, then it would be sensible to close the doors.

I will be in attendance at next week's Board meeting, and look forward to discussing this further. Thank you.

Heidi Herington

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