Monday, August 17, 2009

Letter From - Laurie Smith L.F.C.A. Member

LFCA Board:
I suggest you look at the preschool as other not-for-profit organizations would----- as a potential money maker. All organizations look for ways to make money to support the services for which they are created. Museums have gift shops, etc. You have a potential goldmine.
1) The community needs a licensed childcare center. We have it!
2) We have a very talented manager and staff who offer families more than just time away from mom and dad.
3) Parents can make flexible schedules with a balanced payment, structured around their job responsibilities -- not just the schools convenience.
4) There is no reason why we don't charge a surcharge to residents outside Lake I, but still keep the school available for homeowners.
5) We could do a cooperative with Lake II, giving them the discount given us. OR
6) Lake II might help us support the program if they could have X number of places.
Consider your options to make it an asset instead of trying to kill a good thing.
Thank you,
Laurie Smith

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