Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter From Jody Stomp - Parent/L.F.C.A. Member

I too am very upset about this decision. My daughter has been so excited to start preschool this fall and getting my deposit check back yesterday has really thrown a wrench in our fall plans.

We are new homeowners in the neighborhood (actually we don't even move in until the end of the month) and bought here for the amenities that were offered, including the preschool. If $5,000 is really all that the budget deficit is and there are 40 families affected, could they not have just increased tuition a little bit more - That is only $125 per year per child.

I know that we all are strained in these economic times, but couldn't there be a different solution. Last night I was on-line scrambling to find a place for my daughter to go starting in Sept. There are a very limited amount of places that offer full-time preschool. The least expensive place that I found is 5 miles farther from our house and $60 more per month for 2 fewer hours per day. Is there any chance that they will reverse this decision? Unfortunately, they did this at a horrible time with September only weeks away.

Jody Stomp

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