Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter From Eric Floe - Parent/L.F.C.A. Member

My wife & I totally agree with all of your concerns. What I find especially troubling is the closed door decision that you mentioned.

For years we have looked forward to putting our daughter in Lakeview. We really like the idea of her receiving a quality education in our neighborhood within the security of the clubhouse gates. Countless times this summer we have taken her to the clubhouse just to look inside "her preschool" so she could see the wonderful play and learning environment that we have promised her for so long. We had our deposit in long ago for this fall enrollment only to find out yesterday that her enrollment had been canceled. Needless to say we are extremely disappointed and very troubled about the board's actions.

As I stated, I am especially troubled by to concept of the board conducting a closed door meeting to decide the fate of Lakeview. For many years I was deeply involved in trying to resolve the issues associated with the Lagoon. My intent was always to improve this community asset for our members, especially the kids. Through this effort I learned that it generally requires a 2/3 vote by the members to approve removal of a major community asset. Is this not a basis to fight this? I too am not the activist type, nor am quick to pursue a lawsuit, but I do believe in this cause. It is my understanding that while the board may be quick to make rash decisions such as this, they will typically reverse their decision if advised by the LFCA legal representation. It is my understanding that if the board members pursue an issue that LFCA legal recommends against, then the board members can be personally liable for the outcome.

What do you think? Any one else care to respond? Anyone care to make a concerted showing at the board meeting next Wednesday? As for the 5000 dollars per year deficit, I agree that is pathetic. We would (or will) easily end up paying that difference somewhere else.
Thanks for your concerns and efforts.
Eric Floe

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