Thursday, August 13, 2009

Letter from Parent & L.F.C.A. Member Elizabeth Kudryk

My name is Elizabeth Kudryk, and my son Conor has attended Lakeview for the past 2 years. I have a lot to say, but I first want to start off by letting you know that 5 wonderful ladies Cindy, Linda, Gale, Sylvia and Amber are a part of our community family and we cannot destroy their lives like this. Giving them this terrible news in the manner which it has been done is heart wrenching. Miss Cindy has been the director for over 10 years along w/ Miss Linda & Gale and teachers. Miss Sylvia has been there for over 5 years. This is an amazing thing considering job turnover ratios. They have dedicated years to our children & this is what we do!

I go to the gym and my son will be moving on to Kindergarten this year, but I cannot consciously even blink to think which is more important. I know finances appear to be the reasoning behind this. O.k. $5,000.00 in the past year is $600 a month. That is the cost approx. of 1 full time students tuition. That can be easily fixed w/ cuts etc. Why are we discriminating and wanting the preschool only for Clubhouse Members? This isn't a college, where you have to apply, & meet certain criteria to get in. We're talking preschool (not a gym membership) Cindy has made this preschool a success and it seems that they have set things up to fail w/ irrational excuses & expectations. Non members pay more for tuition, and we are a community, and extended family. People come from 10-20 miles in order for their child to attend. Something obviously is pulling them to us.I can't tell you how many friends I have made who "aren't members."

Even if you don't have children, I plea for you to look at this & consider what this will be doing to so many families & friends. If the preschool can break even and be self supporting, there should be no problem. It has been & will be. What happened to the surplus of $25,000 many years back?Why do we have a lagoon committee (let the geese go in the water, turn it off, cover it, or whatever)? Surely this has cost us a ton of $ and lawsuit(s), still no decision for years. We as a community support & fund street slurring, moratorium of beetles in trees that may not be in our own yard that are there, clubhouse costs (there are people who are members of the association who don't use the ammenities). This effects us all. Who has the conscience to bulldoze a school that has had generations of children attend & our future adults souls in that building? It's a 5 star nationally accredited school. Do you know how amazing that is?

We need time to help fix the problem. We can find a temporary location, do as the plans have been all year, renovate, no matter what we do it will cost $. New gym equipment costs $. We get donations of toys, paper, learning materials, etc. Which is more significant, a treadmill or a child's mind.Enrollment is no problem. We had 36 students enrolled as of Augst 1st. Several families have been turned away in the past day or so. It will be at or very close to maximum capacity. I will personally call each person to let them know the preschool is open. Some families may not receive the notice or know what has happened until they try to bring their little one to school to register in the next couple of weeks. How do we know who was planning on attending & hadn't registered yet, due to vacation or a number of reasons? Did we mail this letter out to everyone w/ a 3-5yr. old, and their families & friends? I wouldn't have even know if my son wasn't continuing for the summer.

It's easy to postpone or reverse the damage that has been done so far. I am so passionate about this. We need to be heard. There are many options that haven't been explored. Please help us save the Lakeview Learning Center. it's the right thing to do.

Thank you,Elizabeth

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  1. Hello,

    It's Elizabeth Kudryk again. I posted the blog earlier. Sorry for some typos, but it is extremely late, however I must follow thru on this. I know you can't imagine that I forgot anything in my long winded blog, but I wanted to state that I am a member of the L.F.C.A. and will be attending the board meeting. Of course some facts will be a little off - passed along many times, it's bound to happen. Thank you Dr. Gardner for responding. The meeting was an executive meeting held on August 6th instead of the 7th it sounds like. I don't believe Association Members were aware of the meeting (or topics). In regards to the teachers and everyone being encouraged to do everything they could do reach an enrollment of 42, I disagree. I am a member, read the newsletter, am at the Clubhouse usually 5 times a week,and have great communication w/ a lot of the staff, & I never heard a word. One of my two part time jobs I work at my church part time also & have a possible lead. I know a "Preschool" was looking in to our church to run a preschool there and they were willing to pay for expenses to renovate and make the site up to code (not an easy task). I don't have all of the info. now, but I have in calls to inquire. This shows the possibilities that have come about in the past 48 hours. I know we don't want to only please a "few" members of the Association, however I know that it has strongly influenced many members. I have been a part of this Association for 10 years now and do not recall such an issue being decided for us so quickly and having blogs, media, law enforcement, rally's, etc. involved w/ such a passion. It is impossible to meet the needs of the entire Association. Why are we trying to become so child unfriendly? Have the adult pool, bar, spa, gym, what about the children? Thank you again for listening.