Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hope for the Preschool!

Hello, I just came home from walking and ringing the doorbells of 200 homes in the association. I have to say that it was an amazing experience. Of those 200 homes, about 70 people answered their door, 67 were willing to sign my petition!!

I cannot believe how supportive everyone has been. People were literally stopping me in the street asking me about the closure. Gosh, a family driving by saw me, stopped their car, backed up and asked me if they could sign my petition !! I had so many discussions with people talking about how they had previous kids there, and are saddened by the news and very much against it closing.

I am asking (with sore knees and sore feet) , to please come out on Tuesday eve and if you can to the board meeting on Wednesday. Whether or not you have found another placement for your child the show of support WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Rally with us this Tuesday evening, bring a sign or we will have some there for you. Or come and sign the petition. We need the physical show of support. Bring your friends. Let's make it a celebration of our community. Let's show how appreciative we are of our amazing preschool teachers and how much we believe that the right thing must be done.

The community is with us, I know that now first hand!!

Thanks to all who are on foot this weekend passing out fliers! Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. Hey, let's make it a great week! I have confidence in us all, we can do it !

~Dolores Wirth

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