Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Letter From L.F.C.A. Member and FORMER BOARD MEMBER - Karen Grimmett

Dear Cynthia,
It has been many years since I served on the Board of Directors. But it is comforting to know that things haven't changed much. Have the rules governing HOA's changed so much that the board can make such a unilateral decision without apprising the membership? I'm guessing by reading thru the lines, that there is more to this than meets the eye. Possibly an increase in insurance, threat of a lawsuit, or some other substantial reason.
This is not the first time the preschool has been on the chopping block. It has always been an issue of insurance, cost vs profit, effect on tax status, and inconvenience. So business wise, it has always been an area of concern. However, thousands of children have passed through the preschool. Including my own two children, 20 years ago. The preschool has always been a benefit to the children and their achievements in school, as well as the parents, and likewise to the community. In these economic times, the choice to close the preschool and further burden parents (homeowners) is unjust. To do it in the manner in which they were notified is cold and without conscience.
Maybe the board need to re-examine the issue and take into consideration the long term significance the preschool has had in the association and the community. Consider the good it has done for thousands of children and their families. There are often ways around negative actions, changes to the allocation of the budget, having the association attorneys look it to alternative actions, and even discussing with the homeowners before taking such drastic actions. The parents deserve an explanation as to why the preschool is closing so abruptly and a chance to discuss it with the board. I am sure the board knew there would be a largely negative response. They could have mitigated the reaction with better dissemination of information instead of just putting it on the chopping block without notice.
Very truly yours,
Karen Grimmett

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